New Italian Mannequins for GS stores windows

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A window display that attracts every eye; what is the secret behind it? As part of the renovation of our stores, GS altered all of its mannequins in all the departmental stores and boutiques, bringing new elite mannequins that never fail to capture ones attention.
GS has chosen mannequins in a variety of positions and white skin tones to reflect the different sizes of clothing sold in the store and the varying needs of its customers.

Milano Mannequins modeled its mannequins after real-life models. The elite male and female collections of abstract headed mannequins are outstanding and stylish. These stunning mannequins are made from fiberglass and have an exceptional white finish and various different fashion poses showing and amazing future look. These long lasting mannequins with their realistic body shape are ideal for window displays.

They are a dummy cut in human shape. If you don't look carefully, you can confuse them for a person. They are dressed up dolls used to model male and female clothes and they give buyers an impression of how the clothes will look on them.

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