GS In The First Youth Marathon

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We proudly continued our support of the Beirut Marathon Association by taking part in the first ever Youth Marathon. The race, which took place on March 22 at La Marina Dbayeh, was geared at children between the ages of 7 to 17.
We were a keen supporter of the latest addition, noting that it encourages healthier lifestyles among the youth and brings diverse backgrounds together in a positive environment.
"Got2Run" was the theme of the race, and we ran for brighter futures for the youth of today under the tagline "running towards a better future". By encouraging children to engage in sports activities and come together, we are shaping them for the future. Even the slightest effort today can leave a big impact on tomorrow.
Further embracing the atmosphere, we had a specialized cheering station where a kids Zumba class was conducted with popular instructor Marcellino Gebrayel

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