Rockport Walk With Comfort

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We were pleased to participate in LAU's annual event with Rockport, the American established shoe company. Under the title "Discover USA" the event took place on May 29th from 6:00pm to 11:00pm; highlighting everything American born from cuisine, to apparel and footwear and much more.
Visitors were able to try on the Rockport shoes and walk on the treadmill reinforcing the comfort of the innovative footwear brand for men and women.
Further creating a fun atmosphere for the attendees, GS held a mini competition of endurance. 3 male candidates were the lucky winners able to walk a distance of 0.5km in just 1.37 seconds and 3 female candidates did it in 1.42 second
An exclusive offer was also provided on the occasion, LAU students were able to benefit from a 20% discount from any GS Shoe Store from May 29th till May 31st.

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