Be Our Little GS Junior Star!

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All kids are stars but we wanted to find the most fashionable little GS Stars in Lebanon. For a whole month, the quest was on! Parents were asked to take photos of their mini fashionistas wearing any brand from GS Junior or posing at any GS Junior store, and upload them on the GS Facebook page. Hundreds of creative, funny and super fashionable photos came pouring in, with kids of various ages all looking trendy, beautiful, and happy.
It wasn't an easy decision but the GS jury managed to filter through the cuteness and chose these five finalist for the best pictures prize; Reem El Khazen, Marie Monin, Bilal Chef, Odette Aoun, Tharwat Noureddine. The lucky winners were announced on the GS Facebook page and each got 300,000 LBP to spend at GS Junior, which they came to collect with their parents at the stores. Congratulations to our five GS Junior stars!