GS Runs for Women... and the Environment

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GS supported the cause of women empowerment by participating with a team of more than 25 ladies in the very first all-women marathon in Lebanon and the Arab world the 10-km Women's Challenge that took place on May 26 and by registering for it through KAFA, the non-profit organization fighting gender-based violence and the exploitation of women and children.

GS also sponsored IGOP, an NGO promoting sustainability and environment protection, whose contribution to the event consisted of placing recycling bins across the marathon route, collecting plastic bottles from runners, and donating the amassed bottles to Arc en Ciel association for recycling and exchanging caps for wheelchairs. 10,000 plastic bottles were collected at the end and donated to Arc en ciel. This action helped in keeping 4500 Liters in volume of waste from going into already full Lebanese landfills, also around 8 kg of crude oil were economized.

GS' participation in this marathon is only one of the numerous involvements of HST Co, GS' holding company, in community activities as part of their ongoing social corporate responsibility initiatives that support a variety of groups and causes for the ultimate benefit of the Lebanese society.