GS Launches its New Store Concept with the Opening of its New Store in Dunes

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Beirut, Lebanon - January 2013: Hamra Shopping & Trading Co. (HSTCo.), Mother Company of the renowned GS brand and stores, announced the launch of its new store concept with the opening of the new GS store in Dunes Center, Verdun. Aimed at providing the best mix of international brands in one easy-to-shop store for its customers, GS has naturally evolved and seized the opportunity to create a new store concept while at the same time maintaining the company's true heritage. The store which covers 1,000 sqm represents a new interior design concept which will also gradually be implemented at other GS stores in Lebanon.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Jamil Rayess, General Manager of HST Co, said "The new store design and new look is particularly significant for GS as it reflects the global aspirations of our customers in the form of an enhanced and contemporary shopping experience. We have redesigned the store to emphasize on showcasing products and collections in a very modern aesthetic. Every small detail at GS, including store design, product display and visual touch has been enhanced to connect with the gen-next youth of today and loyal consumer of yesterday." He adds, "I was surrounded by a great team and the architect, Joseph Barakat, who understood exactly what was needed and was able to make this all possible."

Changing the look but keeping the real feel of a retail store, GS has adopted a more modern display in its outlets to suit a fast-evolving market and provide customers with a better shopping experience. The multi-brand store housing a portfolio of international labels such as Boss, Bugatti, Chinese Laundry, Geox, Noah, Morgan, Mavi, Springfield Timberland, Van Gils, among others, boasts of a wide array of the season's latest chic clothing fit for all members of a family, with a new section specially dedicated to infants' accessories.

Describing the concept and colors used in his designs for GS, Architect Joseph Barakat, said, "When undertaking the redesign of the GS retail store, it was quickly apparent that the main task at hand would be to create an accessible and cohesive space where form and function would coincide. The wall panels and custom-made furniture pieces seen in this design are placed parallel to one another throughout the store, generating a linear movement and vanishing point, thereby seamlessly guiding the customers throughout the store without being stopped in a cubical area. This design sets in motion a process of discovery, always offering new perspectives and details that were previously unseen, therefore enabling the customers to experience a harmonized shopping spree while showcasing a fresh and unique look for the store itself." He continues, "The primary colors in the store are black/anthracite and white. We also used French oak wood with a natural finish, stainless steel, steel painted black, black fabric and glass for finishing touches. The colors and materials were chosen in order to counterbalance the myriad of colors of the different brands themselves."

The new concept will be further implemented in other outlets around Lebanon to reflect the new design for a modern and enhanced look and feel.

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