Springfield continuously supporting local talents: Adonis band concert in Byblos

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As part of SPF's continuous support to local talents, here again this year we supported Adonis, the local band who was playing live at Byblos Port, on the 14th of June in a breathtaking outdoor avenue, suspended just a few meters above the old port of Jbeil and overlooking the sea.

Adonis is a musical project that came to life in summer 2010 when two architecture students got together to put music to their Arabic texts. They were soon joined by friends and musicians who share their same passion for this kind of music and their desire to see it grow and evolve.

On the day of the event, Springfield's booth was located at the entrance of the concert. A great deal of lively and colorful Springfield t shirts was hanged all over the booth with black lights beneath them creating glow and an eye catching creative stand.

People arrived starting 20h30. Each one entering was granted a gift from Springfield. It consisted of small gadgets where they can put their phone or pocket money inside instead of holding them around and which can be clipped around the arm. It's very useful for standing concerts.

Most of them stopped to admire the booth showing their amazement with the T shirts hanged and the gifts received.

The concert was a great success, some true fans sang along while others showed their excitement and pleasure to be part of this crowd. As usual, Adonis always surprises us with their new releases and great talent.

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