Springfield sponsoring Evanescence concert in Beirut

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Springfield sponsored Evanescence live concert at Beirut Waterfront on June 23rd 2012 by building up an attractive booth with an exciting display of the newest collection. It was Evanescence's first live concert in Lebanon, an event long awaited by the Lebanese crowd.

Springfield's booth was located exactly near the stage. A great selection of lively and colorful Springfield t-shirts were hanged all over the booth with black lights beneath them creating a glow and an eye catching creative stand.

People attending the concert were granted gifts from Springfield consisting of shiny neon bracelets and necklaces and Springfield branded arm wrap to store their phone or money while watching the concert.

The event was a great success with a crowded scene of energetic fans of Evanescence that impressed Amy Lee, Evanescence's lead singer as she tweeted the following at the end of the concert: "Thank you thank you Beirut. Tonight was full of passion, you were amazing! LE-BA-NON LE-BA-NON!