Our GM

“It is more than a job for me, it is where I belong.”

HST Co. has a tremendous amount of history and tradition, combined with forward-thinking and constant innovation; the organization has become a key leader in the retail industry.

By being part of such an esteemed organization, I am exposed to many new opportunities that allow me to grow, learn, explore and be associated with the world’s best- known brands.

There is never a dull day at HST Co., there is excitement around every corner. The unique nature of our business, combined with the work we do and the places we are present, are a source of encouragement and constant challenge.

Every person on the team has grown on both personal and professional levels; encountering a variety of people and business issues daily.

At HST Co. you are part of a supportive and passionate team. From entry-level to management, everyone works together to reach shared objectives and ultimately improve and expand the portfolio of brands.

“I can summarize HST Co. in three words: Ability, Ambition and Action. These values are instilled in all of us, and I for one am proud to belong.”

Jamil S. Rayess