HST Co. is conscious of the responsibility of its actions towards the environment, consumers, employees, and communities. That is why it continuously engages in a number of activities which encourage a positive impact and where the preservation of the environment and community improvement are an essential part of the duties of members of HST Co.


  • GS celebrates christmas at sos village
  • GS sponsors tamanna’s annual white party!
  • Give your shoes a second chance with timberland!


  • A helping hand!
  • GS and timberland embrace the true meaning of christmas!


  • Pepe jeans shares the love for denim with those that need it the most


  • Go green initiative with sukleen
  • Teach a child collaboration


  • Tamanna
  • Children cancer center


  • School yard rehabilitation/ baabda
  • Planting pine trees / sfaray


  • Ibdaa /the international biodiversity day at aub
  • School rehabilitaion / ras el nabeh
  • Planting cedars /ouyoun el ceman & shanay

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